Health Guarantee

Respiratory problems

Laryngeal collapse

Stenotic nares

tracheal stenosis

heat stress

elongated soft palete

brachycephalic respiratory syndrome 



intervertebral disc disease

patellar luxation

hip dysplasia





cherry eye

General Health Problems

intestinal parasites  

kennel cough and pneumonia  

fleas ticks and mites

skin allergies

undescended testicles, sold as a pet

food sensitivities

inverted tails 


Non life threatening problems as follows .

 French Bulldog 6 month health guarantee

Blue Wave  French Bulldogs, is determined to sell only healthy happy puppies.    When our puppies leave our home,  they are guaranteed to be up to date with their shots and wormers.    In addition, our puppies are vet checked no more than 72 hours before leaving to their new home.   If there are any problems, they will be noted on the health certificate and I will also let you know.     Therefore, if any small health issues arise after pick up, we must assume that the problem was contracted while in your care.  If something does arise, no guarantee is made or implied, except as follows.   

If within 6 months of age , the puppy is found by your vet to have a life threatening genetic defect, we will replace the puppy with another of equal or greater value.      We understand that a new puppy  becomes  part of the family and we will not ask that the puppy be returned to us.   Should you choose to keep the puppy,  all vet cost and shipping charges will become the responsibility of the puppy owner.   We do request that all documentation from your vet be sent directly to us and we do reserve the right to a second opinion., at our expense.   Purchaser is responsible for shipping or travel expenses to return the dog as well as to receive the replacement puppy ,   Seller is responsible for the health certificate and current vaccinations of new puppy.  

You must have your  new puppy seen by a licensed vet within 72 hours of receiving them.  Please retain proof of this vet visit.   If you do not have proof of this vet visit, your health guarantee will be void.   There are no exceptions to this rule .   

Life threatening diseases include Kidney disease, Diabetes, heart murmur, cancer, juvenille cataracts, Leg perthes Disease, liver disease.  Listed below are non life threatening diseases,including injuries in this group.      We do our very best to not breed any of these problems.   

  Should the puppy have a non life threatening diagnosis , no warranty will be extended.   Just like people, there are things that just happen and even if you try to eliminate them all, it is impossible.    Any and all  genetic guarantees provided by Blue Wave French Bulldogs,  will follow this written health guarantee , with no exceptions what so ever.      French Bulldogs can have weird things just happen and it is advised to purchase health insurance.

This has been told to me by many vets , they are a man made breed.    We like them short and cobby, faced squished in as much as possible and it is the only dog in existence that I know of , who is born with NO tail.    Nature did not create them, but man did.   We love our adults and babies like one of the family, and we treat them with the utmost care.