Our French Bulldogs, these are our dogs and are not for sale.     If you are looking for a french bulldog, please check our puppy page.

Rocky, our blue pied male.   Rocky is just 21 pounds and carries atat, his father is Picasso from Pacific Blue French Bulldogs and is a beautiful blue and tan male and his mother is a chocolate.   Rocky should make some beautiful french bulldog puppies in the near future.   Not only does he have the DNA, this boy is full of personality !    He is always carrying something around in his mouth, a stuffed toy or a stick.     

Sophie, our sable blue french bulldog girl.    Sophie has a great personality, happy, smart and loves to be with people.     When my 79 year old father came for a visit, he loved meeting sophie.   Asw I sat and watched, I was amazed how he talked to her like as if she was human.   Now when Dad calls to check on things, the first thing asked is , how is Sophie?     Guess you can say, she has won all of our hearts.

Blue eyed Cali, our beautiful merle french bulldog girl with absolutely stunning conformation.   Cali is thick, short  and cobby and has the rope over her nose.    Not to mention this girl has a beautiful spotted coat and one blue eye and one green eye with the merle pigment running thru one eye.   Yes, she sees perfectly out of both eyes, maybe a little to well.   Puppies coming summer 2017

Our Vision

Blue Wave French Bulldogs is dedicated to providing the healthiest french bulldog puppies, making the world better one family at a time.

Day to Day

Every day is a new adventure. At Blue Wave French Bulldogs, we believe in living life to the fullest and enjoying our gorgeous french bulldogs.