Biscuit and Rocky have  a new litter of French Bulldog Puppies.     Date of birth Setember 18, 2018 and will be ready to travel to their new homes on November 13th, 2018 or after, depending on your schedule.   

Biscuit my gorgeous blue brindle girl is just 20 pounds.    Rocky is just 22-23 pounds, and is also a very healthy and perfect french bulldog.    Biscuit is what is considered a mini french bulldog and Rocky is pretty close to that description as well.   This litter of french bulldog puppies is pretty close to what I would consider perfect !!   Check out the new frenchie puppies below.   

Feel free to call me (Marlene) or text  or email.   1-712-592-3525

Tator tot, an adorable blue pied male french bulldog puppy.   

 Tator Tot not only has an adorable face and beautiful eyes, this little french bulldog puppy has one large blue dot on his back amd a tiny blue dot on the tail.    Look at those gorgeous eyes.   

This french bulldog puppy is 


French Bulldog Puppies for sale !

  Nacho, a gorgeous chocolate fawn male french bulldog puppy.    Nacho has beautiful eyes and stunning color running thru his coat.   Out of all of my french bulldog puppies, Nacho is the one which I believe will change the most as he grows.    

Gorgeous French Bulldog puppy !  

Nacho is avalable !  

French Bulldog puppy for sale !!   

  Lady, our gorgeous Blue female French Bulldog puppy.     This little French Bulldog puppy is just like her mom, Biscuit.    Isn't she just perfect !!!  

French Bulldog puppies are so awesome, they just melt your heart.

Lady has been reserved !  

 Sarge, a beautiful blue pied french bulldog male !!  

Sarge has the beautiful blue on his head, just like his Dad and the nice white blaze.   If there was a french bullodg puppy in the litter who is a twin of his Father (Rocky) , Sarge would have to be the one.   Such a beautiful little frenchie puppy.   

French Bulldog puppy for sale !!   


 What a beautiful light silver french bulldog girl.

Button has a white mark on the back of her neck, otherwise she would be a twin to her sister Lady.    

Beautiful French Bulldog Puppies !!

Sage a gorgeous blue fawn female french bulldog puppy !   This little girl is smart, loving and makes friends with everybody .

Sage has been spoken for..

Leia,   what a gorgeous blue fawn girl.     

Leia is always in the middle of the group playing, she loves everyone and has such a sweet expression on her face.

Love french bulldog puppies !!!

Max, a blue fawn french bulldog puppy   

Look at that little fawn colored dot on top of Max's head, isn't that adorable.      

Max, a blue fawn pied french bulldog puppy for sale.   

Rawhide, a very cute blue fawn french bulldog puppy.   Look at that adorable stripe going right up Rawhide's head, how cute is that.

Rawhide, a blue fawn french bulldog puppy that is for sale here at Blue Wave French Bulldogs.  

  Jax, a gorgeous bue pied french bulldog puppy that is for sale.   jax was pick of the litter from a stud service and we have to say he is a small french bulldog puppy, mini in size and full of personality.   This adorable boy on't last long, so if interested , please feel free to email or call me.   

Happy, adorable baby Jax.  Date of birth Feb 21, 2019.   Jax is now 8 weeks old and is ready for his forever home.   

Jax, an adorable blue pied male french bulldog puppy..

  Spring of 2019 is very exciting around here..  We have 2 litters of french bulldog puppies coming , one in May and another in June.   :)   

We have been waiting an awful long time for these babies and know they will be perfect .   Feel free to check anytime on our progresss.   Of course when they are born, they will be posted on the website and also our facebook page   blue wave french bulldogs.    

    We have done a couple of stud services and at this time we have JAX  from pick of the litter  Jax , what  a gorgeous pied frenh bulldog male who is looking for his forever home.   Check out the pictures below.

Sometimes we just need adorable french bulldog puppies to look at   :)

The pictures below are from fall of 2018.   The puppies we are expecting this spring should be the samegreat quality.  

Super excited her at Blue Wave French Bulldogs   :)