Fluffy and or fluffy carrier french bulldog puppies.   The FLUFFY FRENCH BULLDOG PUPPIES are sold for breeding, not as pets.   

Fluffy Carrier French Bulldog puppy !

This cute little girl is a blue fawn merle puppy,with a white blaze up her face and the light blue eyes.  DNA as follows

  AY/AY  B/B  cocoa n/n  d/d  EM/E  k locus  n/n  s locus  n/S  

 HAir length  L/l1  

  Mandy is a fluffy carrier puppy !

  Lola , fluffy carrier french bulldog girl  

DNA as follows

AY/at  B/B  n/co  D/d  EM/E  n/KB  n/S  

Hair Length  L/l1

 Lola has very striking colored coat, she is a merle with some blue colored patches and a white blaze up her face.

 Bella, a blue fluffy frenchie carrier.   Bella has a very sweet personality and loves everyone she meets.

This girl has a very even colored coat, showing no brindling at this time.

DNA as follows

AY/Ay  B/B n/co  d/d  EM/E  n/KB  s locus n/n  

Hair length L/l1