French Bulldog puppies for sale, they are here at Blue Wave French Bulldogs.    Our french bulldog puppies come in a rainbow of colors, from fawn or blue pied to blue, blue fawn, merle and even lilac..

Baby Bella, a very cute little black girl with  white markings ! Bella is one of our spring french bulldogs babies born here at Blue Wave French Bulldogs.  Black french bulldog puppy with white markings.  As always, for more information feel free to call, email or text me, Marlene at  712-592-3525  This girl will be ready to go on or around March 1st, 2021  Bella $3000.  Bella has a great happy personality and loves to play and then cuddle up on your lap for a nap.


French Bulldog puppies ready for spring , March 1st, 2021.   What a wonderful spring surprise!!

Tinker Bell, the girl with a  kind sweet face.   Tinker Bell is black french bulldog  with the very fine white markings onher face and a cute big white chest.    What a great addition to any family, easy to keep clean and lots of love !  Tinker Bell will be ready to go March 1st, 2021.   Tinkerbell has been sold !

Sparkle, a very rare lilac colored french bulldog girl.   Sparkle will keep her silvery color along with light colored eyes.   Such a pretty lilac french bulldog puppy here at Blue Wave French Bulldogs.   Ready spring , March 1st, 2021

Violet, a sweet little girl who appears to be full of personality !   Violet is a very pretty blue pied french bulldog girl, she comes from the best mom ever and will no doubt make a great addition to any family.   Violet will be ready for her new home in the spring, March 1st, 2021  Violet has been SOLD!

 French Bulldog Puppies raised in our home for you.  ,  Bred for health, quality and a wave of color !! Health is the most important and an alert family dog is second.  Our dogs are not kennel dogs, they are allowed to run freely in our yard several times a day. Who knows, they may even catch a squirrel from time to time.    or should I say, try to catch a squirrel.    It should be noted, that frenchies need to be raised indoors as part of the family.        All deposits are non refundable.   Your deposit was used for expenses of your puppy, such as vet visits in your name, AKC papers, in your name, 

 Microchips, ects   These are fixed non refundable cost.    thank you  Marlene Nolting

Sweet Little Bunny

Sweet Little Bunny, one of our blue pied female french bulldog puppies.   Bunny is the smallest puppy in the group, we are guessing she will stay very small as an adult.    She is very healthy, gets along great with her siblings, loves to play and is a great eater.   Lovely blue pied french bulldog puppy at Blue Wave French Bulldogs !!  Bunny has been sold!  

Baby Blue, a pied black merle french bulldog puppy with a set of gorgeous eyes.   Blue has one blue eye and one green/hazel eye.   These are not the eyes that will change colors, they are the ice blue and green that is seen in australian shepards ect..    Blue is a very happy merle french bulldog, he loves to play !   Blue is available.     Blue is AKC registered and such a sweet boy.   Contact Marlene 1-712-592-3525 for more information.   This cute little merle french bulldog makes me wish we could keep them all.   blue eyed merle french bulldog puppy for sale at Blue Wave French Bulldogs   

Sparkle,  a lilac french bulldog puppy from Blue Wave French Bulldogs.   Sparkle has been sold !!