What an exciting spring it has been here at Blue Wave French Bulldogs.    Look at this amazing litter of baby french buldog puppies !!    These little french bulldog puppies are doing great, we have 4  in our litter and  they will make a great addition to your family. 

We have  2  boy french bulldog puppies and   2 girl french bulldog puppies.      All puppies require a deposit of $500 to hold until pick up.   

Feel free to call me Marlene or text 1-712-592-3525 or even email.    

New litter of French Bulldog puppies !      Born December 7th, 2020 and ready for their new homes February 1st, 2021  .   What a great way to start the new year and hopefully t or around there, depending on your scghedule.   What a great way to say good bye to winter, with a french bulldog puppy to love..    

Site updated on Monday January 11th, 2021

French Bulldog puppies for sale, they are here at Blue Wave French Bulldogs.    Our french bulldog puppies come in a rainbow of colors, from fawn or blue pied to blue, blue fawn, merle and even lilac..

Look at this cute little french bulldog for sale Hurley!   

Find your new best friend here ! French Bulldogs make an awesome addition to a family!

Meet Hurley, watching the tide roll away  !  Hurley is a stunning choclate sable with white markings.   Look at those white socks on his front feet, so cute.    Hurley  is a happy boy,  loves to play and like all of our puppies, loves to sit right next to you.  Hurley is available .

Hurley, a happy little french bulldog puppy.   Feel free to call or text for more information.   Hurley is available !!

Coral, the beauty of the ocean !!   Coral has very even markings, she could of easily been named spot or dottie!   Coral loves to play and insists for now, that she cannot sleep without her sister, Kailani.   They are the best of friends and are two very happy french bulldog puppies !!   Coral is available  !!

Sailor, dreaming on warmer waters than what we will find in Iowa today!   Sailor loves to have fun and has become the keeper of our toys!   Sailor believes all toys are great to sleep on amd play with !   He will become the love of your life..Sailor is a lilac pied french bulldog.  What a fun  color  ! 

Kailani, keeper of the Hawaiian sea and sky !   What a beautiful name for such a wonderful girl.  Kailani loves all the extra attention that she can receive.   She loves to play and then snuggle up for a nap, such a sweet little french bulldog girl.  Whats not to love and the happiness these babies bring to their new family !!!

 French Bulldog Puppies raised in our home for you.  ,  Bred for health, quality and a wave of color !! Health is the most important and an alert family dog is second.  Our dogs are not kennel dogs, they are allowed to run freely in our yard several times a day. Who knows, they may even catch a squirrel from time to time.    or should I say, try to catch a squirrel.    It should be noted, that frenchies need to be raised indoors as part of the family.        All deposits are non refundable.   Your deposit was used for expenses of your puppy, such as vet visits in your name, AKC papers, in your name, 

 Microchips, ects   These are fixed non refundable cost.    thank you  Marlene Nolting