French Bulldog puppies for sale, they are here at Blue Wave French Bulldogs.    Our french bulldog puppies come in a rainbow of colors, from fawn, blue pied, blue, blue fawn, merle and even lilac..   blue , brown, green and hazel eyes !  

       The new babies have come and as a breeder, I couldnt be happier with this group !    We have blue french bulldog puppies, lilac french bulldog puppies, merle french bulldog puppies, and a blue pied french bulldog puppy.   Deposit of $500 is required to hold the puppy until ready to leave here.

Zoey, a blue fawn girl puppy.  Zoey, one of the french bulldog puppies available here at Blue Wave French Bulldogs.    Zoey is available !

Little Piglet, the blue pied baby girl.   Little Piglet was named after Pigket on winnie the Pooh.  Think it is her pink nose that reminds me of her.   She is quite the adorable baby french bulldog puppy !

  Baby blue Grover, a very nice blue colored french bulldog male.   Grover  has a very nice blue coat with baby blue eyes.   Grover has been sold !  

 Rocky, the little blue pied french bulldog puppy is available.     Rocky is  very happy,  quite cheerful and bounces around following me everywhere,

 This blue pied boy is  Rocky, , full of color and unique markings.    Everybody needs a little frenchie in their life.   Rocky is available !

Tucker is a small little french bulldog puppy, he is a blue fawn.  Tucker has a very nice personality, he bounces and hops around.    Nap time comes and he can be found sleeping on top of everybody else.    Tucker is available.

Tucker is a cute little blue fawn frenchie !